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William Hollis
p.o. box 1263
Smiths Station, AL. 36877
United States

Getting ready to place my THIRD order! This works great!  
Q.   Northridge, CA

Definitely the best, easy to use and i love the fragrance
J.   Dayton, Ohio

Fast shipping ! This stuff works! Great product!
R.   Mckinney, TX

I give Clair's hair treatment five stars because it works i haven't had this much 
hair since high school, but i don't like the fragrance you can't hide 
the smell of saw palmetto.  
K.  Toronto Canada

fast shipping..It does seem to work if you give it time..thanks!   
L.   Maggie Valley, NC

i wash my hair i take 25 to 30 drops in my hand and rub in all over the top of 
my head until it absorbs and then i style my hair as usual, my hair started 
growing in after the forth month and i think its because i am using it this way 
the better you rub it in the better it works and i am using it everyday.
R.   Houston, Texas

my second works..professional seller..very very fast shipping.thank u  
N.   justice, IL
excellent product!.will buy from again. A+   
G.  Edison, NJ 

Hi, early update, good news no more loose hairs when applying maybe a 
 couple but that's probably normal. Also hair feels healthier, I know it's soon 
but that's really encouraging.
A.  United Kingdom

Muy satisfecho con la transacciób
W.   Santa Isabel PR

Always arrives quickly. Can't live without it. Thanks!
K.  Brooklyn NY

Been using for 1 mo. and already I've noticed new growth in front, 
F.  North Las Vegas NV

i'm already more than halfway through the second bottle and i see results in the 
front its growing back slowly but surely i was wanting to know if i'm putting 
it on right after i shower i dry my hair with a towel then put 30 drops in the area 
needed and massage it in am i doing it right thank you
A.  Parkton, NC

Going on my 5th month, I love this product!   
C.  Osseo, MI
Thanks, I had to wait, but seems to be working, will buy again   
M.  Wildwood, FL

Good day, It looks that it does not fall any more. There are new hairs 
some very small and vey thin in the forefront and on the top I can see. 
Yes I would like 6 bottle of hair treatment
D.  Haifa, Israel

Good buying experience; product is great    
K.   Aliso Viejo, CA
With just two applications, less hair is coming out! 
Definitely will reorder
L.   Hancock, NY

Hair grows Back!!! its the only product that has worked 
for me. In just 1.5month
M.   Manati, PR

hey, i not sure if people are using this product correctly but i wash my 
hair 3 times a week and apply the hair treatment wile its still damp wet. 
it seems to start slow then my hair started growing all over, im on my 
third month so i will be back for more. incredible thanks
T.   Minneapolis, MN

Nice!!!! I am so happy thank for great product.   
M.   Sun Valley, CA

hello, my hair started filling in, it took a few months but its working 
lots of new growth on the top and front. i need 3 more bottles, 
should i order from the website or here, thanks buddy
A.   Houston, TX

Thank you. Already working :) placing my second order.
A.   Auburn, WA

2nd order, almost finish with 1st one, so far seems to 
be working. Thanks
K.   Los Angeles, CA

This stuff works. Can I buy more larger volume to save money.
Please inform. Thanks,
K.  San Jose, California 

hello, i have used clairs for about 9 monthes and its definitely working 
for me my bald spot has grown in and more hair up front. 
im hoping to get it all back its a good start.    
C.   Atlanta, GA.

this is my second's actually working....Thanks so much :)    
RJ   Carbondale, PA 

R.   Youngstown, OH

great seller,excellent product,fast shipment.
M.  Neffs, OH

I have been using this for a month and starting to see some results. 
Very happy so far and want to have this on hand when i need it.       
V.   Kewanee, IL
On my second bottle and its really working, thank you.
P.    Orlando, FL.
hey can you unblock me your hair product is starting to work and 
need to buy more thanks
  G.   West Virginia

PB   Rodeo, CA
man i thought you ripped me off, after 2 months - nothing!!
now i got little fussy hair growing all over my bald head :)
be back soon.
   L.   Rochester, NY

Great fast service! Low price as usual!! 
Proud repeat customer!!!!!
A.   Muskogee, OK

it grows hair, but works slower than 4 months full regrowth.  all else A+
A.   Germantown, MD

awesome product, nice results will be back for more
S.   Oslo, Norway

The day i started using your product is the day my hair stopped falling out my 
pillow was covered with hair every morning thats how bad my hair problem 
was my wife said shes not seeing hair on my pillow any longer its working for me
D.   Palma, Ohio

Finally a hair product that works! 
O.   Leicester, U.K.

You have to be willing to use it for a few months in order to see results, 
there is NO over night miracle cure, period!  So from my experience with this 
product I would highly recommend it.. Just keep in mind it took me about 
a good 3 to 4 months to start seeing a significant change, 
I love this product!
   T.  Columbus, GA

Super Seller! Great product.    
 J.   Washington, DC 

Very quick shipping and a great product   
W.   East alton, IL
Took a long while but It really works.    
F.   Lubbock, TX
its working! thanks    
F.   lake ronkonkoma, NY



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